Friday, March 26, 2010

No Sweat

Owh.....8.00am already. Late to my office. Got a meeting to attend today. Damn. Taking bath. Taking my motorcycle, warm the engine for a while then take a ride to office.

Journey to my office should taking 45 minutes. Surely i will late at office and will late for the meeting. Vroom my cycle at top speed, wanna try to early as i can at the office. But i not on the best luck today, my motorcycle tyre flats. Its about 2km, to be at my office. Take a taxi, there were no taxi around this area at this time.

Trying to be cool. Park my motorcycle at the nearest Mamak stall. And walking to my office. Surely i am late. But i must cool down. Because i must present to my client today. Walking still an exercise what?? Good to my health. Sweat.....That's not a big matter at all.

Reaching at my office at 8.50am. Decide to taking a lift to my office at 5th floor. But the where one more problem. The lift was breakdown. I must taking a stair to my office. I got to rush. I got 10minutes before meeting's start.

Go to restroom, make sure my looking are great to attract my client. This meeting and the presentation is really important for my company. This presentation will be result of our future. If this presentation makes our client satisfies we will get mega project which about 300 millions. Wow..........So great opportunity to show i can do this.

During the presentation, my client try to condemn me but i can defend with great answer. My client satisfy with the presentation. And promise to give the project for us. Wow.......I think today i my bad day but not at all, because i had grab this great chance.

For me everything is great now. No sweat. With Adidas Action 3, sweat is not a problem. Everything will be good. I never forget about Adidas Action 3 every where i go.

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5 Pandangan Kekawan:

Jard The Great said...

uish.. sempat ke? huhuhu.. setahu aku mesti ramai yg berlumba-lumba nk buat entri seumpama ini

~0~ said...

aku try je...ahahhahahaha

'AQILAH said...

good luck !

Mr PenyuBiru said...

blum cuba blum tahu kan.tapi kalu dpt bleh aa blanje aku nnt kat ts.hehe

Anonymous said...

alamak wehh!!
nk join gak..

sepiking sokmo kau ye..??

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