Friday, June 29, 2012

Jaws Penyu.....Gigi Penyu

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Seni Kereta Kotor

Kecil Tapi Berguna

Alat yang comel tapi ganas.....

Ada sesiapa tahu mana nak cari alat ni???

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pertandingan Ratu Cantik Jumbo 2012

Amacam cantik tak??

Monday, June 25, 2012

Kereta Untuk Dijual....Ada brani beli tak??

 Kereta untuk dijual pada harga $3,000. Ada yang brani beli??? Hahaha...

Agak-agak kalau di Malaysia, JPJ dan PUSPAKOM bagi lulus tak??

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kenderaan Balik Kampung Time Raya

 Mungkin aku boleh try buat macam ni time raya nanti kalau tiket bas abes. Hehehehehe

Tapi tak tahu la berapa hari baru sampai ke Tumpat sana..

Kayuh jangan tak kayuh jangan sampai kena gilis sudah

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

LG's new Cinema 3D Smart TVs : LM6700

Cinema Screen Design of LM6700 is really cool and great. Look at the seamless, borderless (no frame actually less than 1mm border) and really slim. I think the thinnest screen ever I had seen.  

   Look at LG Smart TV's design

I really want and love to put this LM6700 on my wall. With just simple interior design and plus LM6700 screen hang on the wall, my living room will looks marvelous. Believe me. This screen is not like other. LG design and innovation this screen is beyond from the other competitor.

 Cinema Screen Design

 This screen is really special because you can switch 2D to 3D at anytime you want. With just simple click you can change their look. And for gamers, here got the good news also, this screen can convert normal 2D games into 3D game. Awesome.

 The girl play the game at party. 
Actually the game are normal 2D but had been convert into 3D. 

 The Comfortable 3D glass

To enjoy the 3D, as usual we need the glass. But not likes normal 3D glass which is heavier and expensive, LG had introduced LM6700 with comfortable 3D glass.  This 3D glass is lightest, trendy, comfortable and environmental (no battery is needs). 

 LG's comfortable 3D glass

Lads and lady at LG's Cinema TV's Party

How if I good not enough glass to pass to my friends or family to enjoys the 3D? Or how if I broke my glass? It’s ok, you can got the additional glass or replacement at affordable price from LG sellers.

When I put on this 3D glass, I never notice I wear the glass. It’s really comfortable. I would like to say I got no shame to wear this glass when I hang out with my friend. (I can say that design I likes Oakley frogskins….hahahahaha).

 This is what you will see without the 3D glass.
 This make my eye feel so sick.

 What i need to do is....
 I need to put on this comfortable 3D glass on

 And this what i will see when i wore the 3D glass.

 So clear and amazing 3D effect that you can see and feel.


Dual Play Mode 
Hey gamers, I got another news to announce, LM6700 got dual play mode.  What duals play mode means is two players can enjoy the game without split the screen. This is means all player can enjoy the full screen mode.

Impossible? No it’s possible. LG had proved it. With just wear the special design glass, the gamers can enjoy dual play mode. How will dual mode look, just takes a looks at picture below:
 What you will see without the special glass? Look like you tv's break down, right? hahahaha

  Left is what 1P will see and on the Right what 2D will see.
Each player must wear different glass.

What 1P will see trough their glass.

 And what 2P will see trough their glass.

 Home Dashboard

LM6700 had come with great looking home dashboard. This home dashboard is simplest, easiest and customizable to use. You can change the interface looks at anytime you want.

Home Dashboard interface.

Another thing is LG had done some research about the new trend. As the results, this LM6700 had come with the K-Pop Zone. The K-Pop fan might be excited with this news. As I know, in Malaysia had so many K-Pop fan. What can I say; K-Pop’s tsunami had been crushing us now. K-Pop’s fan what are you waiting for, lets grab this awesome and fantast tic screen.

LM6700 (55 inch) RM10,999; LM6700 (47 inch) RM5,999; LM6700 (42 inch) RM 4,499.

For you information LG has introduce 3 series of this LG's Cinema Screen which is LM9600, LM7600 and LM6700. For more information you can get from LG's website (

Thanks to Nuffnang and LG Malaysia to inviting me to this party.
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