Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Favourite Sport

Soccer.......That's my favorite sport since my childhood. And till now i am still love soccer. For me soccer is nice and attractive game.

While i am child i love to play soccer with my friend. Every evening we play soccer at school's field. So fun, to play with the friend. Even that day, we never know the right rules of soccer we never miss to play. For me, this sport tighten our friendship. Even sometime we got unexpected scene likes fighting with other that never make us to stop playing soccer.

Red Warrior fight to top

Now while i'm in mid-age of life, i still playing soccer. While i returning to my hometown will go to soccer's field and playing. And at soccer field, i can see my old friend. And play together. Even we have our own life. We never forgot soccer. And with the soccer our friendship's still beat on.


Kelantan and Arsenal is two of my favorite soccer team in the world. Kelantan is because of my hometown.

Arsenal?? Because i like the style of Arsenal's play. So nice and attractive. With the short pass them will be attack. I love Arsenal since i see Bergkamp's goal. I watch how the team work to create the great goal. Under Arsene Wenger, Arsenal are really good.

Ronaldo 9

My fovourite player forever is Ronaldo. The skillful player. I always wish to be like him. Superb..... Samba movement from Ronaldo i will never forget. How he dribble the opponent player and shot on the goal. So great moment.

I hope, one day. Malaysia team will be on Wold Cup.

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