Monday, April 12, 2010


Social networking is the most famous application in internet. But so many application, need to login and view in different window. Arghhhhhh..........So hard. So wasting time.

 But now from Malaysia. Telokom Malaysia has make new great application that makes us just need one application to use all. This is latest promotion from TM Italk is iTalkwhoa.

ITalkwhoa is very friendly user and easy to use for everybody. With ITalkwhoa you can connect with other application likes tweeter (keep on tweet tweet babeh), facebook, gmail and myspace. So cool right, all application just in one. What waiting for???

ITalkWhoa make us easy to stay online with all application just  with one click. Just with one window we can connect with other in the cyber world. ItalkWhoa so cool. All in one.

As we know, Italk offer very cheapest rates for all users around the world. So with this we can save money. Yeah…….Lets change the way for better way to our pocket.

 Attractive and user-friendly screen view.

 This is instant messanging application just likes Yahoo Massagers.

 I already use this great application. You guy??? What waiting for. Be the first use this great ITalkWhoa.

ITalkwhoa………..Easy and save. I like this.

Lets support local..........

2 Pandangan Kekawan:

Masy said...

org Youthsays gak ni ye hehehe

~0~ said...

yg ni sy wat bukan utk youthsay...hehehhe

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