Thursday, April 22, 2010

ItalkWhoa boost event

ItalkWhoa had been officially launching at Borneo Rainforest Club Sunway Pyramid. This super duper cool event. So many blogger had been day. Such a very entertainment day.

First of all, of course need to register at the front counter.

This is the cool gift from TM Itakwhoa.

That hot night has been warm up by the hot and sexy MC. So cool.

This hottest party had been launching by the Italk big guy also the birthday boy of the night.

The big guy told that we can stay connect to everyone with this IITalkwhoa, the great portal. Just by using this one portal we can connect with all social networking web such as Facebook, myspace, Gmail and etc. So cool right.

With this Italkwhoa also you can chat with other people, using this portal we can connect with the other who use other chat web such as YM, GoogleTalk and etc. TM also open to attendee to ask any question on Q&A part. So we can get more information about this great portal.

At the party we also got the great game and had been entertain by the hottest Indie band, Bunkface. Through My Window, the TM Theme Song. My first time to see Bunkface perform live on stage.

We are very enjoying that night..

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HEMY said...

ni bila punye event ni?

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