Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Today : What's have U done?

Now days. 
Sex for fun. Baby just like toy. Girl is cloth.
Can put and trow.
This in the end of the world.
Just beware, the sickness might be near to us now.
We want or not, this is what happen now.
Today is not yesterday, in our time.
With the technology nothing is impossible.
We have to hold together to prevent this social issues.
Save our next generation.

4 Pandangan Kekawan:

chii said...

menakutkan sungguh dunia skrg ni..baca paper..berita yg sentiasa ada..tentang pembuangan bayi...da mcm trend plak skrg ni

Lizz said...

wah,dah ada domain name!! sex for fun? yes, keadaan sekarang terlalu global semuanya.hancussss

KhaiRin said...

mengong nyer pompuan! x de iman mcm tu la

Masy said...

gila ape budak ni. ingt jaga baby tu mcm jaga Barbie ke? bingaissssss

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