Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Canopy Walkway

Click the picture to see the location of FRIM Kepong

Wanna get some green and fresh air in Kuala Lumpur? FRIM Kepong is one of the place which is really suitable place to enjoy yourself with familys or friends.

I has been there last year. This place so great and cool. When i there, i feel so peaceful. Free from traffic jam. At there we can enjoying flora and fauna which is so beautiful.

FRIM is surrounded by the Bukit Lagong Forest Reserve, a 600 ha jungle park at Kepong. It is only 10 minutes from Batu Caves by car.

For me the most special place at FRIM is the Canopy Walkway. This canopy walkway offer us to walk thru the bridge which is consists of 4 bridges suspended from tree to tree by an elaborate array of ropes.

The walkways are just planks hardly a foot wide placed on aluminium ladders supported by the ropes. (As i remember the width of plankis about 30cm.) These 4 bridges are connected by 3 platforms as high as 30m from the ground.

The walkway is open everyday from 9:30am until 2:30pm. The ticket is RM5 for adult and RM3 for child. For booking you can call this number 03-62797220.

Come on guy. Lets accept this green nature challenge. Love our world. Keep in Green.

Warning : Prepare your mental and physical before accept this challenge.

3 Pandangan Kekawan:

Shitsurei shimashita said...

suka gi sana lebih2 lagi kalo da geng tp tang canopy 2 lum lagi. Ti nak ajak geng gilah.

aman ja rasa kat sana.

a.b geldofg said...

wah cntik nmpak tmpat..kena gi satu hari ni

~0~ said...

Shitsurei shimashita
Try la bro. Canopy walkway tue mmg best. dari atas titi tue kita leh tgk area sekitar KL. Memang nyaman sangat kat atas tue.

a.b geldofg
Memang best..xrugi pergi...mesti puas

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