Monday, October 13, 2008

How To Take Freekick In Soccer

What is Freekick??

Freekick is actually given to a team when opponent player has made a fouls likes hard tackle or handball. There two kind of freekick which is a direct freekick and indirect freekick.

Direct FreeKick

A direct free kick is one of the two free kicks possible in the game of soccer. In a direct free kick, it's possible to score a goal by kicking the ball straight into the net, with no need for the ball to touch another player. It's awarded when a serious foul such as kicking, pulling or spitting is committed. Depending on the distance from the goal, a direct free kick can be sent straight at the goal to score or passed to another player to initiate an offensive.

How to Take Freekick??

Riqualme Teach How To Take Free Kick

Step How To Take a Direct FreeKicK.........

Place the ball firmly and take the direct free kicks from the point where the infringement occurred. The referee will note and mark the point. Moving the ball to another location will result in a foul.

Ensure that all opposing team players are at least 10 yards away from the soccer ball. Players from the same side can remain closer. Take a look around and observe where your teammates are positioned. Note the defensive tactic the other team is adapting. If they are setting up a defensive wall with a row of players, you will need to execute a shot whereby the ball swings around that human wall.

Kick the ball. You have three options when kicking. If you are close to the goal, you can attempt a direct goal with a driving shot, kicked with laces of the boot. Alternately, you will hit the ball with the inside of the boot. This will make the ball spin and swing in the air, making it curl around the goal keeper. If you are further away from the goal, you might want to kick the ball towards the player in the center forward position. That player, in turn, can take the shot at the goal.

Follow through the kick with the full swing of your leg over the soccer ball. Immediately after kicking, get into a position where you can regain control of the ball if you don't score and control of the ball is gained by the defensive team.

Avoid touching the ball after executing your kick. It's an infringement to do so until another player has touched the ball. If you do so, the opposing team will be awarded an indirect free kick.

Example Of The Direct FreeKick.........

Beckham Freekick

Lampard FreeKick

Cristiano Ronaldo Freekick

Ronaldinho Freekick

Juninho Freekick

Gerard Freekick

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