Saturday, October 11, 2008

Safety...(about yourself)

Every time, every where and in whatever you do,

PLEASE!!!! Think about safety.......

Safety is not when u are at jobs site only. But safety is about any where u are being and whatever u doing. Some people think safety is just because of the law. If u are thinking this way, u r wrong..

For example, for construction worker. When at jobs site they will be appear with the PPE which is provided and has been gazetted by Safety Officer. They will be appear with safety helmet, safety boot and etc.

If we see at jobs site, the also no horse play or unsafe act by the worker. But when they go back home, ride the bike or drive the car, they already forgotten about safety. Didn't follow the traffic law, drive over the speed limit and etc.

This will put yourself and other people in dangerous situation. Even you don't care about yourself, but please think about other people. Think about somebody which is waiting for you at home. Yours responsibility. If u got the family, who will take care of them if u die???

Think it friend.....Just a second, can safe one life.

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